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Package includes:

1 x Cotton Rug Yoga Mat - Orange

1 x Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Cover

1 x Organic Pranayam Cushion


Cotton Rug Yoga Mat - Orange


Enjoy meditative sessions with this yoga rug crafted from high-quality cotton, which keeps you comfortable and provides grip while you perform your asanas.

Caring for your Yoga Mat

Read how to periodically clean your yoga mat

Dimensions (Inches)

L - 76, D - 0.5, H - 26.5


Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Cover


Easily carry your yoga mat while promoting a planet-conscious lifestyle with this bag crafted of certified organic cotton. Designed to fit yoga mats with ease, it comes with string handles for fastening and a sporty branded tape detail.


Organic Pranayam Cushion


Organic Pranayama Cushion can be an ideal support when sitting in meditation for long periods. Made and filled with durable organic cotton, this firm cushion is designed to relieve pressure on your back, knees and ankles. The removable cushion cover features a sporty tape detail that is sewn on to its surface.

Dimensions (Inches)

Length - 13.8, Width - 5.5


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