Of Boons and Curses Dvd

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Throughout the story, there are curses and boons. But you do not know whether a curse is a boon or a boon is a curse because life has its own way of mixing things up – Sadhguru

Mahabharat, far from being a chronological rendering of events, is a carefully woven tapestry that depicts the numerous characters in their journey through life, death and beyond. In this video, Sadhguru explores the complex arrangements that form the background for this epic story, expounding on the strengths and weaknesses of each persona, whose decisions have far-reaching implications throughout the saga. Starting with Veda Vyasa’s role as author of the narrative, he brings the Mahabharat to life through the tales of intrigue, selflessness, deceit and compassion which abound in the ancestry of the Kuru clan. Fortune and misfortune become like two extreme points on a swinging pendulum, leading the characters through the whole spectrum of human experience.

Of Boons and Curses is part of the series Mahabharat, a glimpse into the eight-day program with Sadhguru, an inimitable exploration of the unparalleled saga.

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