Nadha Aradhana Vol-1

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An offering of sounds in the presence of the Dhyanalinga is akin to sitting in utmost intimacy before your Guru and offering your very essence. Sounds, instead of words, are used to communicate your deepest longing and abiding gratitude. Thus, each offering on this recording is an intensely moving emanation from the soulful depths of those who offer.

Renowned musicians from varied music traditions of India have offered Nadha Aradhana in the Dhyanalinga’s ethereal space, such as Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Balamurali Krishna, Sudha Ragunathan, Unni Krishnan, Usha Uthup and the Gundecha Brothers, to name a few. In this recording, from deep meditative states where sound instinctively resonates, Brahmacharis and resident Isha Yoga Center volunteers make their offerings.

This recording provides an opportunity to experience the enchantment of Nadha Aradhana and transports listeners to the sacred space of the Dhyanalinga, evoking the meditative qualities it emits.

Nadha Aradhana is performed in the Dhyanalinga Temple daily from 11.50 am to 12:10 pm and from 5:50 pm to 6:10 pm – timings that are recognized as sandhya kalas, or phases when nature itself undergoes a deep transition, and are known to be especially conducive for one to experience dhyana or meditation.

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