Handmade Natural Eucalyptus Fragrance Cone, 20 Pcs

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In Ayurveda, Eucalyptus is known to be extremely beneficial for respiratory illnesses like cough, bronchitis, mucus accumulation and more.

We have packed the healing power of this wonder plant in our pack of handmade incense cones.

It has a strong and sweet fragrance that instantly changes the energies of the atmosphere.

Made from natural eucalyptus, Isha Life's pack of 20 handcrafted cones comes with a holder to balance the cones.

On lighting up, the aromatic cones fill up the ambience with a therapeutic smell.

You can use these fragrant cones in your pooja room or during sadhana.

With these cones,, you know that you are inhaling pure, natural fragrance with zero artificial additives.

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