24 Hours Skin Hydrating Organic Lotion With Mulberry Extract (Oily Skin) - 100ml


It’s the time to converse silently
With the beauty of your being.
To embrace and wrap yourself tenderly,
It’s the time to feel your skin.

Wipe away excess oil from your skin with a perfect blend of skin-friendly elements. Uncover a clear, vibrant, and hydrated skin that's free from all skin troubles. 

A good body lotion essentially performs the following functions.

  • It provides nourishment
  • It treats skin problems 
  • It keeps your skin soft and bright

But if you're dealing with oily skin, you need a body lotion that can absorb the excess sebum and still keep you nourished. Excessively oily skin is a result of environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. It may increase acne breakouts, irritation, and various skin problems. 

Taking this into account, we have specifically formulated our 24 Hours Skin Hydrating Lotion with natural ingredients that tend to your oily skin. Let's take a look at how it provides all the above benefits along with combating the production of excess oil. 

For providing nourishment to your skin, we've used a perfect blend of Jojoba Oil, Acai Oil, and Olive Oil. These natural oils contain skin-friendly vitamins that hydrate the skin and help in treating acne and wrinkles. For treating skin problems, we've incorporated extracts of Mulberry that are a rich source of antioxidants. They fight back various problems caused by oily skin, like acne, irritation, and inflammation, leaving clear, soft, and bright skin.  

Finally, for removing excess oil from the skin, we have used Orange extracts that are natural exfoliators and cleansing agents. They effectively absorb all excess oil and keep your skin smooth and glowing. We've also added Shea Butter, which helps in dislodging clogged pores and promoting clear and spotless skin.

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